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Websites for Dork Stuff

Whether you’re a dork or non-dork who happens to love a dork, you’ll be glad to know that there are actually online sources of stuff that are sure to appeal to dorks. Here are some recommendations for websites that offer cool products for the dork at heart:

  • Etsy – It’s more known for its vintage fashion items, but there are also vintage movie posters and other rare dorky finds.
  • Barnes & Noble – Books, DVDs, and whatever reading or viewing materials a dork would love to gather for his collections can be found here.
  • ThinkGeek – It’s an online shop built for the smart guys, offering an array of gadgets, shirts, and other products for nerds and dorks. What you’ll like about shopping here is that the site makes it easy for you to navigate through its pages and sort items according to, say, your favorite video game or TV show.
  • Redbubble – Looking for some cool T-shirt designs? Browse Redbubble for a collection of shirts designed by indie artists, mostly from Deviantart and Tumblr.
  • Gift Gifts Galore – This eBay site features hard-to-find items that are targeted to dorks and uses an auction-style pricing for its products.
  • Neatoshop – Die-hard pop culture fans will love finding quirky items on this site. Some products from ThinkGeek can be also found on Neatoshop.
  • Threadless – This is home to artworks by independent artists that can be used as designs not just for shirts but also for other items such as mugs and bags.