Why Dorks are Wonderful People: # Reasons to Embrace Your Dorkiness

It’s the individuality—being unique and having one’s own brand of character without giving in to the pressure of fitting in. Apart from that, are there other traits that are worthy of admiration? Of course!

Here are some of the great things about being a dork, coming from dorks themselves:

photo from http://www.dailyinfographic.com/geek-traits-vs-nerd-traits-infographic

Dorks areaccepting and empathetic with fellow dorks.

Because who else will accept you for who you are (aside from your family if you’re lucky)? Social media and digital technologies have made it a lot easier for people across the world with the same interests and personalities to meet each other virtually, strike an online conversation, and share stories.

And what you’ll get with interacting with like-minded people? New friends and support groups. And a different, positive perspective in life.


Dorks are brave humans.

“Be yourself!” is one advice we often hear, but in reality, it’s hard to achieve that, what with the expectations that people have and their sense of how people should act in a certain way. And the social media isn’t making things easier for people who are trying to stay true to themselves.

Dorks don’t experience the same difficulty because of the innate courage to be themselves, whether it’s good in the eyes of other people or not. Fitting in isn’t in their book. They pursue their passion, and they’re proud of their interests, no matter how quirky or weird they may be.


Dorks bend the rules and overcome shame.

Dorks don’t try to avoid shame—they overcome it. They’re not scared of being different, looking foolish, or even standing out because of their being strange. Dorks embrace their unique self without hesitation.

There are a lot of perks to being a dork. If you consider yourself to be one, then there’s nothing to be ashamed and scared of!

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