Dork Humor 101: 15 Clever Jokes that Only Dorks Will Find Funny

Have you ever given a joke to a group of friends only to receive blank stares at best and mocking laughter at worst? If so, then you are truly a dork at heart. But hey, it isn’t a bad thing!

Let’s celebrate your dorkiness and have fun reading through this list of the funniest jokes that only our kind will totally relate to and appreciate:

  1. In class when I was in grade school, my teacher called me and said, “Give me two pronouns.” I answered, “Who, me?”
  2. A Schrödinger’s cat walks into a shop and doesn’t.
  3. If you put root beer in a square glass, what will you get? Beer.
  4. Kleptomaniacs don’t find puns funny. Why? Because they often take things literally.
  5. What is the best way to comfort a grammar Nazi? Tell them: “there, their, they’re.”
  6. The past, the present, and the future have arrived. They were tense.
  7. Atoms should not be trusted. Why? Because atoms make up everything!
  8. What do you call Santa’s elves? Subordinate clauses.
  9. What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot? “Mitosis!”
  10. Why is Pavlov’s hair soft? Because of classical conditioning.
  11. How many tickles can make a squid laugh? 10. Ten-tickles!
  12. How many ears does Spock have? He has three ears: one on the left, one on the right, and the final front ear.
  13. What did the mother of E.T. ask him when he arrived home? “Where on Earth have you been?!”
  14. What is the favorite band of a sleeping brain? It’s R.E.M.
  15. Why does a burger have lower energy than a steak? Because the burger is in its ground state.

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Got a favorite funny dorky joke that’s not on this list? Share them in the comments below!

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